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Default Base bow preference on OTT/Stacked bow? Pretty please? ;)

I hate to bother you all ladies, and I know this has been asked multiple times but...I'm soo indecisive and because of that, I haven't been able to complete an OTT bow in over a week..I'm have luck with the pinwheel base or basic bow base...For those of you who use a TBB bow as your base, do you prefer to flip it upside down (so your bows are basically back to back) or do you leave it right side up so the base bow encircles the top bow and all that good stuff? I've been looking and looking and looking, trying to see what way makes what difference but sometimes I can't even see the bast to tell if it's flipped or bow..And no matter how I size them, I just cant pull off the right-side up base bow and fillers without squishing it even when I make the bows rock hard..Any preferences, difference in appearence when it's upside down or now, or advice on how to keep the base upwards and how to fill the middle so the other stuff won't squish it? I know it's a lot to ask, And yes, of course I've read everything I could find. Trust me, my search bar has ever phrase possible about stacking, layering, base, bottm, ott, etc lol. I've found a lot of useful info about this, but not quite what I'm specifically looking for. TYIA-I appreciate it!
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