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Default Re: I don't understand why....

Originally Posted by preciosaybella View Post
I'm very new at this so I've been doing a lot of experimenting and this was a question I pondered as well. I tried stacking bows in different ways and I still need to practice with my spikes looking well but I have to tell you:

I get the most compliments on bows that have a base bow. It seems to give the whole bow a lift. It lifts the spikes up from laying flat and also lifts the top bow up higher. I think you can definitely see the base bow too! Especially from different angles. I'll post a bow of mine, like I said, I'm new at this. But see, I think you can see the pink base bow, right? (Sorry, don't know how to make the pic smaller?)

This is adorable! May I ask what type of base bow you are using here?(pinwheel, basic, tbb, etc.) Either way, it looks great!
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