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Default Re: Have you SEEN! Facebook..blah

Originally Posted by ronnie View Post
I posted the rules on this a long time ago. There is an application you can use to have your special contests on Facebook. It is fairly simple. I posted it in the Facebook Forums on here.

Here is the link:

You are beyond awesome for sharing this with me! Oh my goodness, everything I've been looking for! Honestly I completely forgot there was a separate facebook section on this forum That is my fault for not being more observant. I will have to visit more often to make sure I see everything. I'm 6 months pregnant now and with the sickness early in and just being flat out lazy..I'm sort of behind on the times. Thanks for being so understanding about the thread Prior to this, my husband and I have decided to go on and host all contests on my website. In the future I may try to use an app if it works out better for us. It is nice to always have something to fall back on. Thanks again for taking out the time to re-post for me.
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