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Default Re: Have you SEEN! Facebook..blah

Originally Posted by TeaforTwoBoutique View Post
Facebook released new "contest" rules a few months back. This was just brought to my attention by a mom here in the area when I asked her to join our back to school photo contest on our page, where you have friends and family like the pictures to win. Here are the new rules:

What are we supposed to do now? Anyone have this figured out yet? I would love to hear what type of contests you hold on your pages to keep people interested, legally!!!! At a loss for words right now Is there anyway I could change my photo game so it is "legal" so I don't have to cancel the whole thing?
I posted the rules on this a long time ago. There is an application you can use to have your special contests on Facebook. It is fairly simple. I posted it in the Facebook Forums on here.

Here is the link:

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