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Default Re: HELP!! 2" Fabric Covered Headband

Oh you have got this… it is super easy! If I can do it anyone can. I am not really great at explaining things & I hope this makes a little sense, so this is how I do it. 1. cut out a rectangle piece of fabric that will be covering the headband (lg. enough the cover the top & underneath side) & monogram it. 2. get a piece of batten about the width of the headband & attached it to the top of the headband with a piece of double sided tape & cut the batten to the shape of the headband . 3. remove the batten from the headband & center it with the backside of the fabric, using double sided tape to attached the two. (the batten is used as a template). 4. Now you should be able to attached the batten to the headband using double sided tape & everything should line up perfect. 5. Now trim the fabric down on each side leaving just enough to fold under to cover the back side of the headband. 6. Starting in the middle & work you way out the to ends gluing the fabric to the headband. (I have found if you start in the middle you have no bunching ) 7. When you reach each end you make have to trim some of the fabric off & then just fold the ends under & glue. 8. Now just glue Chinese braid to hide the ugly seam & your done! I hope this helps!!!! Just do one as a trial run first.
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