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Default Re: Rolled/folded ribbons rosettes

Originally Posted by V.Robinette View Post
Anyone know of a free tut for these? I unfortunately am tight on money right now due to my fiancee deploying and me moving back with family for the deployment so I can't afford to buy any tuts right free would def be helpful!
Do you mean the ribbon roses (the pink flower)? I saw a post of yours where you shared yours, these are the same technique as the ones you posted...

I sell a tutorial for the rolled rosettes (white and Black flowers) I have not seen a free tut for rosettes like the ones I do...but there are tons out there for similar rolled rosettes. If you google "Rolled Rosette tutorial" you should come up with a bunch.

All of my tutorials are now available through my etsy store.

Check out my Tutorial Album on Picasa.
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