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Default Re: New modeling service!!

I know your daughter is modeling for your page in at least one of those pictures, i didn't mean anything against it, if it is your personal taste, but for most boutiques, they want something of much higher quality. I'm sure i'll receive heat for my post. There are just far too many of my boutique friends getting screwed over and over, mostly by these types of pages because they aren't keeping their side of requirements on photos and such. It is extremely hard to run these pages, and with so many new ones popping up daily, they are loosing popularity fast. You have to have boutiques and models that can back each other up. Having models pay to list, you need to make sure you have something to offer them in return, so you have to have plenty of boutiques, and for those boutiques you have to be able to make sure you have appropriate models and make sure that they are going to return worthy photos for the boutiques in a timely manner. I just more meant it for perspective. I run a page, but i offer my photography services directly, and even doing it that way can be overwhelming, but i couldn't imagine doing it in a middle man way, like Ellie Bean and Little Diamond Models and such. It takes a lot of time and effort to put into these pages. The mothers and photographers spend hours upon hours each day into making their pages work. It is not something to do unless you're absolutely sure to stick with it. If you start a page and 3 months into it, you decide its not easy and its not for you.... all these people would be out money, and the boutiques out product... if you can't get enough interest generated in boutiques or in models it just leaves one side empty handed. It is a tough business to start, so do it wholeheartedly if you do and make sure you can deliver what is required of it.
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