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Default Re: New modeling service!!

Originally Posted by bobostutuboutique View Post
There's a new modeling service, Glitz & Glam Models out there.. For all you boutique owners theres no CHARGE for listing your boutique, visit the facebook site
I don't mean this in any way offensively. But you don't have any models listed yet, so appealing to boutiques without a selection of models, is a rough start. I hope you understand what it takes to middle man between boutiques and models, it is not easy. You must be able to track who sent what to who, who has gotten items, who hasn't, who is taking too long to return photos, making sure that the models are providing appropriate quality photos, etc.... I am scared for the day that boutiques no longer even want to deal with models because there are 10 new pages listing models a day. Too many people think they can make a quick easy buck, but its far from easy. I don't mean this offensively, more as a critique that someone should tell you rather than remaining silently. Both photos on the display picture on this page, are not boutique model quality. Modeled photos are supposed to be very VERY visually appealing, and supposed to attract buyers, pull them in, and have people saying omg i've got to have that! not oh that looks cute, but it doesn't appeal to them so much that they want to buy it, so they just browse and then close the page. If I have spoken out of line, I will erase this. Somebody needs to stand up for the boutiques though. There has been too much of a lapse in quality of photos, photos where the model and the item look ok but the location is crap, or models giving excellent quality in comp cards then craptastic photos back for the boutiques who are expecting equal quality and being let down.
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