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Default Re: How do you keep your hot glue under control?

First I want to say, your title of this thread couldn't be more accutate! I too feel like my gun does whatever it wants do opposed to what I want it to. The blow dryer has been the only thing that I've had luck with that destroys and minimizes the trails and blobs the gun left behind. But...I read here I think on the "Share A Tip" Thread, one lady mentions her genius idea of keeping her woodburner on, and easily accessible when gluing That way, if glue oozes out or leaves spots, That way, she quickly and carefully runs the wood burner over the glue blobs, dots, strings, ect. and it melts the glue down/anbarely visable or evend or scrape and melt the extra glue off. It sounds like a great method..But my wood burner hates hates me..So I avoid it at all costs
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