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Default Re: How do you use marabou?

When getting ready to attach them, I look at the straight boa, and without cutting anything, fold it and make a circle to determine what size I want, Then lay it out flat on the table again..After deciding where you going to cut the marabou, Take some scotch tape and wrap it completely around the area you are going to cut..Make sure it's wrapped tightly and secured it self...I then do the same thing with the other end (even if it's the end rope part on the boa)..So you will have 2 small sections of tape on the boa..This way, you can cut it and IT WON'T BE SNOWING FEATHERS FOR HOURS ON END! No mess, no leftovers, just a clean cut..And when you go to make a puff, wrap the marabou in a circle, and be sure that the end of the tape meets and slightly overlaps the other one. Glue both ends to tape together and there you have it! A mess free, perkier, and secure trick that saved me from losing my mind with feathers!
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