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Lightbulb Re: How do you waterproof bottle caps using Epoxy Stickers?

Ok, I had to post this just because I was going through the same thing. I thought about using Epoxy but it's such a mess to mix. I bought the bottle cap inserts that wouldn't stay in. Hobby Lobby sells a clear filler for jewelry but it's somewhere around $15 for an 8 oz bottle.'s what I figured out:

Find a candle warmer or hot plate type deal. Something that doesn't go past a certain temp. Use your own bottle caps instead of buying them (much cheaper and more unique) Place the caps, top down on the warmer and let them sit for about a minute. Then take tweezers and peel out the rubber seal. Caps will be hot!! Clean them out with rubbing alcohol or wash them well. Place them back on the plate. Cut up little sections of 'Crystal Clear' glue sticks and place them in the caps. That's it! Watch them though, too long and they get cloudy. I've been drilling holes and making them into key chains. Lone Star beer has old word puzzles on the inside of the caps that looks pretty cool. Good Luck!
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