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Default Re: Have you SEEN! Facebook..blah

Originally Posted by mmfinn View Post
That's a great idea!!! It would be a lot easier to have the "voting" in one place.

I am trying out the free giveaway app. Seems pretty easy to use. I just set up my contest last night, so we'll see what happens. I'll try to remember to report back once it's over on the outcome.

That sounds interesting. Let us know how you like it! The poll app also sounds wonderful. That's sort of what we're doing on our business website. My husband is setting it all up on one page where you can see all the photos together. I am excited to be directing more traffic to our website since that's where most of our product will be anyhow. I'm currently carrying our 5th baby, due in November so I've been away from the scene for about 6 months just relaxing, spending time with the other kids and being pregnant. So i've missed out on a few things. Thanks for understanding ladies!
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