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Default Re: Best Twisted Boutique Tut?

Originally Posted by mluna0904 View Post
i have nobownogo templates and im happy with the way my bows come out just with my boutique bow looked better? do u ladies recommend lil hiccups boutique tut wil my bows look like hers?
When I first began, I bought 3-4 Tutorials..Simply because I knew there were multiple methods of making them and I was trying to see what tips they had that would help me find the method that worked best for me. The technique LiL Hiccups TBB bows was one of the same methods I had seen in another tut and tried previously but never worked out so well, BUT-I was using her tut when I mastered my first TBB and it came out perfectly..-Like I couldn't make one that perfect again if I tried.. I'm not trying to put down any other tutorials down. I just tend to have problems of understanding things from beign so detailed oriented and she explained things in a way that I was able to understand. Methods are methods and there;s not too much one can do to customize it, but she explained the little things that people tend to not specify the tiny details because they're so easy to overlook..But it's those little things that have a big influence on how the bow will turn out and she makes sure to cover all of that For a beginner, I would highly recommend it and it's a very reasonable priced considering her work is so beautiful..You can tell she really put a lot into it not because of money, but because she truly wanted to help people..There's also lots of other things on her tut too. I sound like a spokes person but I swear, I'm asked for an opinion and I gave you one..It just happened to be a very long and detailed opinion Good luck, hun! Hopefully this makes sense because it midnight and I'm getting a little loony lol
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