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Default Re: Have you SEEN! Facebook..blah

Originally Posted by Puddin View Post
Looks like that pretty much make all contests/giveaways illegal for FB. How are they going to crack down on that. That release is May and I have seen contests daily. Wonder how it will be policed and what any consequences will be.

I've had one woman say their page was just taken down by facebook and they were sent an email explaining why. She had to start all over. Another woman said that she was emailed explaining that she was in violation and to correct her page or it would be taken down. I don't know either one of these two personally, so I've just began looking into it myself.

I know a few moms had complained to me about "liking" the photo to vote bc they said it was biased and not fair for the contestants. In other words, popularity wins... So I thought maybe it was just an envious mom who was upset. Obviously that wasn't the case at all, this is real. I do want to comply with fb, I enjoy being on there and communicating with my fans on there. When in Rome....
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