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Default Re: Help with my bows!

I made my own templates, similar to the NBNG.. super easy! I don't always use them, and I prefer to freehand the TBB, but sometimes I have my days..
Anyway, the second link that mommylikesbows posted is excellent for free handing.
When my bows turn out flat, it's usually one of a few things.. either I didn't use the proper ribbon length, based on width.. my "X" on the bow isn't narrow enough before creasing.. and like someone said before my crease is off.
Also, there's some ribbon out there that does not hold shape as well as others. It can be more flimsy than others.
It looks like on the first one you posted you're not too far off, but maybe make sure the loops are even and that your "X" is pulled apart more and the crease. I've found it the simplest things that give me the biggest headache!
Haha, I hope I explained that well.. I will try to find a video that helped me when I used templates.
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