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Originally Posted by missdana1105 View Post
I wasn't suggesting you charge $20 for a bow, I don't it doesn't take me an hour to complete any of my bows.
I'm sorry, in your original post it seemed as if you were suggesting that a bow should be $20. It DOES take me an hour most of the time to make one layered bow. I take my time, I also redo it several times until it is perfect, and I also have kids who seem to need this or that as soon as I start making bows, lol. I wasn't trying to be rude when I posted, I was only trying to explain my reasoning behind the $5/hr thing.

Originally Posted by simplyirresistible View Post
Ladies, ladies, please let's not go at it with one another. The fact of the matter is what you charge for a bow really has no bearing on anyone else.

Each and everyone one of us are at different places experience wise and location wise so prices are going to vary greatly.
Completely agree! Experiece & location definitely play a part in pricing, thats why I was trying to stress that I could only give an example of what I charge so that the OP could determine her own price by possibly using mine as a guide.
& I definitely wasn't trying to go at it with anyone. I guess sometimes it seems that way when reading text But trust me, I'm definitely not one to argue, just trying to explain myself.
{I'm just here to learn & help if I can. I create for therapy. I sell to put myself through nursing school. There is no room for drama in my life.}
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