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Originally Posted by lilbridgesboutique View Post
IMO, $5/hr is plenty for me right now. The above was only an example of how she could come to a price for her item, like I said it is how I price 'MY' items. I calculate everything from ribbon, to embellishments, to the amount of glue & thread that I use, sometimes gas is even factored in on a single bow.

Also, Maybe your market supports $15-$20 for bows...mine doesn't. If I tried to sell one of my simple bows for $20, I'd get laughed at, becauser people simply do not pay that much around here. While, my bows certainly could sell for more than what I price them, I'm just starting out in my business and I feel it would do more harm than good to price them that high. Like I said on another thread, maybe once I'm more established & get better a making bows, then I will consider raising my prices some. Even still, I will not price any of my hairbows for $20. I started making hairbows because I could not afford to spend $20 on a new hairbow for every outfit my daughter owns & I know plenty of Moms who feel the same. I make affordable bows. I've spent more than $20 on a single hairbow several times before, & while the hairbow was lovely, I cannot spend that much all of the time. It's just not practical.

And I'm not hurting any other bow makers. My customers like simple bows... They come to me for simple & classic bows that will last through several outfits & occasional OTT & OOAK bows. If they want OTT all of the time, they go to other bow makers, which is fine, I'm happy, they are how am I hurting anyone? :/
I wasn't suggesting you charge $20 for a bow, I don't it doesn't take me an hour to complete any of my bows.
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