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Default Re: sharing soe pics of y newest creations :)

Originally Posted by careyon151 View Post
Those are so cute.

That's what I am dying to make for GD. I got some basic instructions on one of the groups.

What size ribbon did you use?

How long did you cut the ribbon - my instructions say 26"

Where do you get the blank headbands?

i found the plastic headbands on ebay, they are 1/2". the ribbon is 3/8" grosgrain for the top braid (2 blue, one white, one red), 7/8" for the underside of the headband.
the top braid i keep on the roll until i am sure it is long enough to fit from side to side on the headband, then i cut and seal. but i have done it before and it takes a good 72 inches with the military braid. the bottom is about 17 inches or so to line the inside of the headband. hth some
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