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Default Re: Can i see the back of someone's headband?

Originally Posted by mckenjs View Post
Lay your rosettes down on your felt as you want them arranged. trace around the whole cluster. Cut out the shape you traced, but cut a little inside the line so it is slightly smaller than your cluster...this way the felt doesn't show up around the edges.

Glue your elastic to your felt so that it will be between the felt and the rosettes... glue your rosettes on top.

do not glue your rosettes together first, because you run the risk of your glue showing up around the sides of your rosettes...very unprofessional.

Hope this helps. I will try to post a pic if no one else gets a chance to...

Good Luck!
excellent advice!!! I was adding 2 pieces of felt and it looked so bulky that I eventually stop making rolled rosettes.. this is a better and neater option thank you!
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