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Default Re: I dislike someone that coples my ideas - My Blog

I understand where you're coming from. I was the first person to come up with a crochet shoe that resembled a croc. The only problem is, any and everything is up for changing 10% and becoming their "own" unless you patent it. The problem is, the time to do this and the money to do it is not worth my while, and probably not worth yours now either. Took less than 6 months for someone to see my idea and do the same. This is a competitive world and I've just become used to it I guess..might be the easiest way for you to handle it as well However, if someone is stealing your actual pictures and pawning it off as their own or your tutorial 100%, not changing anything, then I completely agree with your utter frustration. Seriously, get a life people
Sorry, I will step down from my soapbox now

Originally Posted by fabricbowsandmore View Post
Last October I came up with an idea to post different FREE fabric bows, headbands tutorials (I post the link to the tutorial with a picture of it on my blog). A reader of mine emailed me this afternoon to let me know some one was copying me with my Blog Idea. The person that has been copying me has over 60-70% maybe more of the same tutorial links/pictures I have on my blog. This is so crap why can not people come up with their own original ideas instead of taking all my hard work and copying it. This person I believe only started this in April or sometime around there.

Here is my blog: so if you ever see any other blogs like this tell her to get a life lol. I Hate Copy Cats!
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