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Default Re: First Bow Post!

Originally Posted by momof5 View Post
I would maybe do more spikes
Originally Posted by BlessedMom View Post
I think you did a great job. Maybe add a few more spikes, but I wish mine looked like that
Yeah I was thinking maybe 2 more spikes but wasn't sure if it would be too much

Originally Posted by lilbridgesboutique View Post
I think it looks good!
Something that might help the shape of your twisted boutique is to work on your center crease. I had a hard time when I first started with my bows looking kind of off, & then I learned that when I made better creases, my bows always looked better.
Yeah, thats the part I'm working on, getting those creaces just right is tricky!

Originally Posted by ammperry2 View Post
I believe that is really pretty! Great job!
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