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Default Re: How to Attach two ribbons & get right look for cheer bow

Originally Posted by JustCheerBows View Post
How did the double face tape work out? I still haven't tried it.
I've used the double faced tape on my simple double layered grosgrain cheer bows. It holds very well & is easy to use. It is not stiff at all, which for my customers is a slight drawback. They tend to like the stiffer bows so I am still mainly using heat n bond. My own daughter hates wearing bows so she prefers the taped ones as they are not as stiff and "in your face-Minnie Mouseish" as she calls them. It is also a bit faster imo as you don't have to pre measure and cut the tape like you do the heat n bond. you just stick it on and cut when you get to the end of the ribbon length.
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