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Default Re: I dislike someone that coples my ideas - My Blog

I think it's wrong to copy someone's actual work and pictures word for word. I used to teach and would have kids get so upset when I gave them a zero for turning in someone else's writing as their own.

BUT I don't think we can be too upset if someone blogs about the same subject we chose. It's NOT a contest and there are tons of ideas out there just waiting to be shared. Unless you are trying to make money by bloggiing, it's really a labor of love isn't it?

I can pull up hundreds of ideas in seconds by using search tools like Google and so can everyone. It's just nice to have a bunch collected in one or two places, but there really are no limits!

Someone posted about What a fabulous idea! Repinning someone's interest is encouraged and it just keeps the idea shared and reshared!
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