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Default Re: I dislike someone that coples my ideas - My Blog

Originally Posted by ronnie View Post
It seems like lately HG is drawing in a lot of people who have no creative thought and choose to steal photos, descriptive words, and other ideas from the talented ladies on here. There is nothing wrong with inspiring someone but when you see another website that is almost an exact duplicate to someone else's that is pretty lame of the person copying.

I soooooooo agree!!!! So many ladies spend hours and hours making tutorials, taking pictures, advertizing, to have someone come along and steal their hard work. It is just wrong! Period. No matter how you look at it. Stealing is stealing. A few ladies and myself had a women from another country buy our tutorials and sell them as her own. This one was brave and EVEN used OUR pictures WITH the watermarks on the photos. LOLL Can you believe that?!?!?! She did cut some of the watermarks off but not all. CrAzY!!! We were able to get her removed. BUT their are others that buy tutorials and then remake them with their own pictures and wording but are the SAME and sell them as "theirs". Not cool at all! Stinks!
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