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Default Re: A photo stolen from HG.

Originally Posted by Hopefull View Post
She said she can make the same thing that is in the picture and the reason she didn't have a pic of her own basket was because she had it in a salon she sells her stuff in
She just posted this on her wall:
  • Bowtastic Bowtique
    I would just really appreciate it if the rude comments stopped. Like I said I had that picture on because it was just a bow fan page and I never thought I could make it into a little business. so im sorry if i made people upset but please stop with the rude comments please. thank you very much
    -Bowtastic Bowtique.

  • Bowtastic Bowtique
    OK LADIES- i understand i didnt make my previous profile picture. I havent even been in business for two weeks. when I had the profile picture it was just a fan page not a business. I wasnt trying to steal anyones picture and iv been really busy trying to upload things and get this page right for everyone.
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