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Default Re: How to keep bottlecaps from falling off?

i hate the smell of E6000. I bought some a few months back because it seemed (seems) as though everyone swears by it & that it's a great hold. So i was very excited to use it.. then i read the warnings and such about getting lightheaded & whatnot.. I was sitting in front of an open window with a fan blowing air OUT the window. i stilllll got sick! I got light headed & nauseated. it was aweful. I'm not sure how you other ladies can stand it! strong stomaches? haha
Anyways, i have the felt pads but have yet to use them. I just put a load... & i mean a LOAD of hot glue in the bottom of the cap then stick it to my bow & they have held up amazing so far.
Another way i have seen it done is hot gluing a piece of ribbon inside of the bottle cap then wrap the ribbon around the bow. Not sure if any of that helps.. probably not because i usually just end up gabbing instead of helping.... see! look at me go!
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