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Default Re: Displays and props for photos.. Frames?

No Ikea And for such a poor town the don't have great thrift stores. I think it's odd because when I shop the goodwill here the prices are over what they are in the big city next to us and they don't sift out icky quality goods.

I DO have a marshals. No idea why i didn't think of that one! And a Ross. They're both only maybe a 2-5 minute from my door. (Duh)
I'm hoping they have something really chunky and ornate to start with and then I can do some shabby ones like you posted here in colors to coordinate.

Can't wait to get these DONE! It stormed today so no computer or shopping but imagine we'll be out for them tomorrow and I can post pics.

I just know they're in the store waiting somewhere!!

Thanks for the ideas!!!
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