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Default Re: A word about bottle caps

I have been making caps for quite a while. I started out with doing only images on the "inside" of the cap. Then since moved on to images on the "outside" of the cap as well.

Definitely agree its trial and error and takes alot of patience. For me, it was easier to make caps on inside then it was on outside but I kept trying. I can't tell you how many I had to throw out. But as with everything good...its a process. I am one of those that painstakingly (is that a word LOL) glued each and every one of my images to the cap and use resin (making about 250 at a time) I love how glossy my caps look and my clients appreciate the time I put into them and they say that it shows in the product.

I have just recently bought a Xyron sticker machine but got the big one (5") for $20. I don't think I need one this big so I may go purchase a smaller one. I am still trying to figure the machine out (how to change the wax paper, the top sticky paper, etc) but I have found that it does save time from having to glue each image to the cap. As with every new toy, I will play with it until I figure out what works best.

I do keep domes on hand but mostly only use them when I need to make quick caps at a show. But if I had to choose, hands down, I would use resin.
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