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Default How to keep bottlecaps from falling off?

It seems to me that flat ones do pretty good, with just hot glue. I just recently started the trick of useing the felt furniture piece under the caps. I thought that would do it for sure. I have had a couple not stay, but I fixed them. Overall I thougt this was going to be the way to go.

I really hate to use E6000 because of the smell. I smell it on hair stuff after it dries. I guess I could spray frebreeze. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. I just had a customer pot on my facebook that she loves my stuff and buys a lot from the consignment store. But she has had some fall off. I offered to fix them and give her something for her trouble. I also asked them if they had the felt piece or not. I didn't do that in the beginning. I feel bad if other peoples stuff fell apart! I am glad she told me. But it's a little embarrasing!
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