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Default Displays and props for photos.. Frames?

I have searched and found a few online but still on the hunt for ornate or unique frames.

Husband is actually going with me (I'll drag if I have to) to the stores tomorrow to look for props, frames and to help come up with ideas with me. He was saying he'd put his money on the mirror isles and home shops and is thinking we should check out walmart and home goods stores.

I'm thinking thrift shops and dollar stores would have something I can repaint and make my way. Like the ugly plastic ones could just use a coat of flat paint. Or something that has a break or chip.

He was also CERTAIN there was a great headband display out there that was just what I was after. I don't see one LOL. I see the plastic clear ones and that's about it. I can imagine just what I'd want but don't know how to make it myself.

Thought I would ask here. I don't know if any of you had a good find or anything but any ideas? Even a clue would help. I have none
We need a china frame buy here, y'all!
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