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Default Have a few basic questions..

I have tried, over and over to make a basic bow. Sounds simple enough, but for some reason, i cannot get them to look right.

So, because I cannot make a simplistic basic bow, I cannot make the layered bows or the bows w/the wraps...

So i stuck w/the basic (NON funky) loopy bows and corkers (which I despise now)...

I have the vinyl clear ones..but they arent really cute right now I need to figure out how to make them cute...(have great ideas from you all here so I'll work on it..)

So, what I am needing is a SUPER SIMPLISTIC way to make a basic bow..,like these:

Basic bow
Basic boutique bow

so that maybe I can jump off and finally make the OTTB ones my girls really want.. like these:

and I know..I'm sooo not even remotely close to talented like you all, like I've said before, these are just for my girls and maybe a couple friends girls if I get ok enough w/them...

TIA..I REALLY appreciate you helping me..
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