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Default Re: Ellie Bean and Models

Originally Posted by karyna View Post
it's been a couple of months now..I emailed Alexi about it but she hasn't heard anything back yet.. I sent her 2 headbands that I need for my adult/ teen section but I'm just gonna give up on that.. I used between 15-20 girls and only a handful sent usable shots.. I'm very disappointed in the way the some models sent back the pictures but there was nothing I can do about it..lesson learned. I want to try simply posh and moda to see how it goes with them.. Alexi is always nice to me though so I feel like I'm betraying her for going with someone crazy right?
yeah I saw how busy she was.. how many employees does she have or is it only her?
I think Carrie has been working on things as well. I don't know Carrie - if that's her name LOL - but she has had some help when things get heavy I think.
I had that same issue like i said so I just shot a message over to Alexi to ask her to forward and see if they could return the portion that were not modeled. Crossing fingers they take it into consideration!

I LOVE EB and don't want one loss to keep me from great service in the future.
Do you have a list of who you sent items to? I would love to compare lists if you wanna pm! I can share what I have seen and also info on who I have gotten pics from mult times this year
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