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Default Semi-newbie would like a question answered please..

I made the 80's braided barrettes; but I'm such a visual person that I have a hard time understanding written directions, so I went by memory...

what a few people have asked me about, when they have seen them, was that the ends aren't ribboned. What I mean by this is that the silver, black or white barrette is showing at the end. it is not covered by ribbon. Its not a lot, but its enough to bother me..

Please, I am not as talented as 99.9% of the ppl on here, I only do this for fun and for my girls and a few friends..honestly I cant even get a basic bow please be gentle! LOL

If you see the braided barrette in this photo, you'll notice that at the right side of the barrette at the end, I didnt remember how to "end" the there are two diff. endings..each didnt work IMO...
the only reason as well, that there is no barrette "showing" so to speak is that I used a black barrette how do I ribbon the beginning side of the barrette?

TIA for your help and guidance!!! (ignore the mickey clips!)

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