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Default Re: Ellie Bean and Models

Originally Posted by knottyspoolgirl View Post
How long has it been since you sent the items to the models? I've had a few incomplete results this time around. Unless I'm very specific i do wonder if the model mom knows what is missing or what I'm waiting on. We've been out a few pics this last round that I really desperately needed in conjunction with the others. It was my third try LOL (after using other services and also losing same product there)

Maybe it's the product in my case. I just need to drop that one and try something new!?

I did see that alexi is really busy this week so wanted to drop a note about that also. if you tried to get in touch but things got hectic maybe later in the week will slow down.
it's been a couple of months now..I emailed Alexi about it but she hasn't heard anything back yet.. I sent her 2 headbands that I need for my adult/ teen section but I'm just gonna give up on that.. I used between 15-20 girls and only a handful sent usable shots.. I'm very disappointed in the way the some models sent back the pictures but there was nothing I can do about it..lesson learned. I want to try simply posh and moda to see how it goes with them.. Alexi is always nice to me though so I feel like I'm betraying her for going with someone crazy right?
yeah I saw how busy she was.. how many employees does she have or is it only her?
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