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Default Re: how to make a bow out of fabric

Originally Posted by Handmadebyjen View Post
First of thanks everyone for the advice!! i so appreciate it. i need to make three bows out of this piece of fabric & its not that wide & only 2-2 1/2 feet long so i think i will not be able to get but maybe one flower out of it. i think a tuxedo bow would be great! i could definitely get three out of this if i am real careful with what i have. i am not much of a sewer though so could u tell me what u mean by bring your seam to the inside or topstiching? sorry if its a dumb question, but like i said i am a novice at sewing. thanks in advance. u all r so great!!!

Jen H.
okay . . . let me see if i can walk/stroll you thru it.

let's say your piece of fabric is 2" wide . . . i'd cut my lining fabric 1 1/2" wide. put right sides together and line up both (good fabric & lining fabric) edges on one side/length. sew a 1/4" seam. then take the lining fabric and match it up to the other side/length. the "good fabric" will have a bubble/not match up . . . you have to pin/hold it so that it does when you sew this side's length. iron it on the wrong side -- seams only -- before you turn it right side out (this makes a ton of difference in having the seam lay flat/lock in your stitches w/the fabric (quilters trick) . now you can turn it right side out . . . your 2 seams will be on the back - hopefully 1/4" down from the width of the ribbon.

kinda picture your good fabric like the letter U and you're putting a top on it (the lining fabric) . . . and then when you smoosh it down = your seams are on the back!

you can iron . . . and usually if the fabric doesn't cooperate (like velveteen) , i sew 1 or 2 lines of straight stitches down the length on each edge 1/4 or 1/8 in from the edge .

practice w/an old piece of fabric and see if you understand the technique . . .

i do know that "steam a seam" comes in 1/4 or 3/8" width . . . and you could go this route (eliminate sewing) and just use your iron!

i did the above with the rosette ribbon fabric (4" wide) . . . and i didn't want the lining fabric to show on the edge . . . worked great 'cause it rolled the rosette ribbon over just enough so one could not see the seam at the edge. i was able to make 1" & 2" wide ribbon out of this . . . (the other 1" was used as the seam allowances).

hope i didn't confuse you more . . . let me know if something/all is not clear.

edit . . . i also do this for fabric headbands . . . so the "seam" is not noticeable at the edge.

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