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Default Re: Need help in making a wristlet (that I can attach flowers to)

Originally Posted by SandyL View Post
I make fabric flowers and rosettes and need to attach one to a wristlet. I don't know how to make a wristlet or what to make it with? Does anyone make these? I need it to be elegant for a woman, not a child. I was thinking lace or satin and maybe even FOE? Are wristlets stretchy or very tight? HELP!!!


This is the way I make them.. short and so easy.. I buy upcycle silk blouses at thrifts then cutt the cuff off of it.. I take my tiny scissors and trim the silk so all you have is the cuff. A cuff is usually a perfect size for a womens wrist. Sometimes I just move the button. If you did not want to use an upcycle blouse, buy one chop of the cuff and take a pattern.
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