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Default Re: Glue + Acrylic Rhinestones + Metal

Originally Posted by cackysanda View Post
Hmmm....Thanks!!!! I'm not sure it'll work though 'cause e6000 eats the acrylic rhinestones.....
success! found the zap a gap! i use a dremel drill to sand off the button shank remnants and then grind down to the plastic/remove a circle of the silver backing (takes about 5 seconds).

so far it's worked gluing buttons to foe . . . and i just finished my 1st bottle of z/a/g . i did have to repound in a hole w/a sewing machine needle a few times to unclog.

they on there forever/tried pulling one off & couldn't . . . and it's dry in 10 seconds.

going back to michaels to get more and a big big thanks to the person that suggested this glue.
edit . . . it didn't work gluing felt to foe

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