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Actually, if you didn't purchase Make the Cut, before 3/16, SCAL before 4/16 or Fairy Cut before 6/12, (my dates may be a little off on the latter two, you cannot purchase a version of the software that works with the cricut. The lawsuits made the cricut compatable software vendors to cease sales. Lucky you, be sure to back up your copy.If you have an older trial version of the Make the Cut software, do not update to the new version. There's a work around to keep the Cricut driver. I have saved my SCAL and Make the Cut in several formats. I just don't want anyone to purchase the cricut thinking that the software is avaliable.

So I worded my post incorrectly, yes the software still works if you already own a working copy, but you can no longer purchase the older versions from the vendors.

Fortunity, the software does work with several other cutters
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