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Default How to custom print ribbon?


I'm Jeannie and my daughter Megan & I make custom designer dog leashes which are decorated with ribbon. We have been buying our ribbons from many different sources but we often get odd requests for ribbon which we can never seem to find. Dog people, like myself, often have some 'different' desires!

I have done lots of searching via Google with no luck on a clear cut "how to" custom print on grosgrain ribbon. I get the idea ink-jet fabric transfer papers can be used and have found many different sources. I just don't have time to re-invent the wheel here, so I am hoping someone has some tried and true advice! I am an artist and graphic designer so creating the images isn't the problem - just getting them on ribbon in a way that will be machine washable and durable is!

Thanks in advance!


PS I'm having a difficult time controlling my ribbon purchase urges since joining this forum!
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