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Originally Posted by Brandir View Post
It was a sincere apology. And there really was no reason to be a smartass to me...just like there was no reason to call you a bitch. Thats fine. I dont need to be a member of the forum. I was truly apologizing and I feel the video was uncalled for. Obviously I did google or I wouldnt have even came to this forum. Thats fine. Its not necessary for me to be a member.
I let it slide the first time because everyone was upset.
From the rules, which you said you read....

*Profanity is not tolerated.

I thought I would also post these rules for everyone to read ...

*Participate to the fullest extent you can!!! We are a community and miss our
members when they are not here!

*Leave the site in better shape than when you got here by contributing with
your thoughts, ideas, and support for other members. And most important
Coffee in hand, big girl panties pulled up, sparkle in my eye and smile on my face...Yep, I'd say I'm ready for the day...bring it on!!
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