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Originally Posted by Brandir View Post
I wanted to apologize for calling whoever posted that video a bitch, because it wasnt a rude video. BUT, I do want to say there was no reason to be a smart ass because guess what, I DID google the bow and this is where I was directed. To this forum! I still stand by thinking that it was ok to post a photo with the creators watermark what said clearly exactly where it came from. If I was trying to steal it (which I know people obviously do and its sad) then I would have cut the watermark out and tried to make it not obvious that it was a stolen picture.

So, again, I apologize to you.

???? IMO, Not really the best apology I have heard or a good way to kick things off here....and honestly...Im not really enjoying all the cussing...Yea I know your upset, but please just be careful But anyways, again, welcome to the forum, I hope you find it useful and helpful.
<3 Danie
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