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I did not want you to sugar coat anything.I hope you read my posts completely and correctly..And I said that it did not sound like her apology was sincere and I read the other posts and I wrote that she should have kept her negative comments to herself..please reread my post..I did not say anything about you ladies going crazy on her..AND I DO NOT WANT THIS TO BE TAKEN TO A TOTALLY DIFFERENT LEVEL BECAUSE MY POST WAS NOT READ CORRECTLY OR COMPLETELY...i stated my opinions on both sides when I said on the other hand I was talking about the member that posted the photo..not the ladies who told her to take it down....thank you..
Originally Posted by *Tu-Tu* Cute Hair Bows View Post
I just want to say that I will not apologize for the way that I asked her to remove the photo becuase I should not have to sugar coat anything, I am very helpful to people who need help when I know the answer and can offer help. When I joined this forum us as newbies learned fast what to do and what not to do, if you (anybody) thinks I was rude about telling her to take the photo down then none of yall would of ever made it with the old crowd trust me

Also anyone who thinks that apology is or was sincere then I guess that you didn't read past the I want to apologize for calling her a B and then continued on to call her a smart a**.......................!

She also stated that she read the rules yet she still posted the photo..... We did not go crazy on her she started calling people names and we told her it was wrong
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