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Originally Posted by deannasuniquecreations View Post
all I have to say is that I posted a photo once instead of a link thinking the same way you did about the watermark still being on there..and they jumped down my throat about it..I think that so many people have been burned on here with their photos being stolen that they just go crazy...I would have liked it a lot better if the first reply I got back was not so maybe hey I don't know if you know but you are not allowed to post a photo with or without a watermark and you have to provide a link..instead they assume this is something u already know and u did it on purpose..I thought with the watermark it was still giving credit to whoever's product/page it is and was not the wrong thing to do but some of these ladies let me know really quick that I was was an honest mistake and there was no need for people to be rude and go crazy on people..ON THE OTHER can think what you want but u should not write everything you think..boy oh boy did I want to cuss out some people also but instead I took it as a learning lesson and kept it to myself..I also agree that your apology did not sound 100% should have apologized and moved on..mostly everyone here is nice and a happy little family...and sometimes there may be disagreements but don't burn your bridges you never know you may need something from these girls later..I am not taking sides I stated how I felt for both sides..
I just want to say that I will not apologize for the way that I asked her to remove the photo becuase I should not have to sugar coat anything, I am very helpful to people who need help when I know the answer and can offer help. When I joined this forum us as newbies learned fast what to do and what not to do, if you (anybody) thinks I was rude about telling her to take the photo down then none of yall would of ever made it with the old crowd trust me

Also anyone who thinks that apology is or was sincere then I guess that you didn't read past the I want to apologize for calling her a B and then continued on to call her a smart a**.......................!

She also stated that she read the rules yet she still posted the photo..... We did not go crazy on her she started calling people names and we told her it was wrong
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