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Default Re: Apology

1. I think this thread would be more aptly named "Non-Apology" because that's exactly what it was.

2. You will find a lot more help on this forum if you are a little more humble and accepting of criticism. If you truly want to learn, you will need to thicken up that skin....wait till you post a crappy looking bow that you think looks will be told the truth, but will be advised and encouraged on how to get better.

3. Once you have been around a while, you will understand why more Senior members are quick to "jump" on newbies when things are done against the rules. If no one wanted to help you, you would have had a ton of views and no one would have bothered to respond. The fact that anyone responded shows that they are trying to help you.

4. A word of caution. I would be careful about making negative comments publicly about other members. We are a close knit family, and will not tolerate it. Members with post counts in the several thousands are very established here and likely have very good reputations. If you knew ashley (BowMamaof4) you would be truly embarrassed about your comment, and regretful of a potential relationship here that may be lost.

Hopefully you haven't "burned bridges" here...that would be a shame.

Best of luck to you.

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