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Default Re: Someone Is Using Pictures..look For Yours

So I just got this e-mail from her. Now I feel bad but what was I suppose to think when I saw my picture on her page. I told her I was going to post this.

"My page shouldn't be set to private and this is the first I've heard of this .. I would be furious if someone used my daughters pictures.. I run alot of business here in my town and on line.. I check my msgs a couple times a day but mainly run my boutique in town and work on orders.. I have 3 people who run my websites and two of them are teenagers that haven't answered their phones so I'm assuming they've got wind of this before I did.. I have changed my password and will be hiring family from now on.. I checked all of my pictures and didn't see anything other than my items .. so I'm also assuming they or which ever of them took them off.. I'm extremely sorry for all of this mess and promise nothing like this will ever happen again.. Is there anyway you could clear up my name since it's been slashed through the forums with my my space URL and saying everyone should check my bows and other items to make sure they aren't theirs.. Please again I'm very sorry for any of this.. Please accept my apology since you probably won't get one from the ones responsible for this mess.."
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