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Default Re: I don't understand why....

Originally Posted by FromMyasCloset View Post
...when people make a stacked bow they do bow, spikes, surround, bow. What is the point to the first bow being under the spikes? You don't see it then.

I just bought the BBM and it shows you to do this and I really don't understand the point.
The first bow should not be under the spikes.

It should be:

top bow
base bow

Of course everyone does it differently but that is the main structure of one.

Are you talking about those that have the surround swallowing the top bow? I have seen those and they just need to work on their surrounds better. Spikes should not be on top of the bow unless you are trying to start a new creation but it really serves no purpose to put them above the top bow if you cant see the bow at all. I have seen korkers on top but they are small and do not take over the "top" bow.

Did I read your question right?

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