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Default Re: Help with this one please

Originally Posted by Brandir View Post
I did read the rules, thanks though Like I said, I thought that since it has their watermark on it, which states where it is from, that it was ok to post like that. Thank you for confirming otherwise though. I appreciate that!
Originally Posted by SuzannesChicBowtique View Post
Come on ladies lets be nice and happy, this is a happy place lets try and keep it that way. IMO the post about taking the photo down could have been said in a nicer way. Given the fact that she was a newbie and only had that one post up, Im sure it was a little discouraging & kind of a blow to come onto this forum and right off the bat get a reply like that! Yes it was down to the point of NOT posting other people photos (which i know is a beag deal, & i love that you ladies have eachothers back with photo stealers) but it still could have been a little nicer. Please dont be mad at me i was just stating how i saw it. Now come on, group hug HG's!!!

She said she read the rules. If that was so then she would have known not to do that.

Originally Posted by Brandir View Post
I can totally take people being a bitch, just like I can dish it I didnt come in to start an argument, and I didnt come in to get people all pissy pants. I dont let people on forums get to me. You can say what you want, and I didnt even go to the video because by the responses I imagine its just another way for someone to be a bitch

My post, no it wasnt rude, but it was in a sarcastic tone! But not a rude tone at all need for name calling on here.