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Default Re: Help with this one please

Originally Posted by Brandir View Post
I can totally take people being a bitch, just like I can dish it I didnt come in to start an argument, and I didnt come in to get people all pissy pants. I dont let people on forums get to me. You can say what you want, and I didnt even go to the video because by the responses I imagine its just another way for someone to be a bitch

My post, no it wasnt rude, but it was in a sarcastic tone! But not a rude tone at all

I agreed with you that the post in the beginning sounded rather rude and could have been worded a lot better as being new to a forum it takes a little bit to get use to the rules and how things work, people mess up thats life, NO ONE is Perfect! but your comment was rather uncalled for and way past rude!! The video wasn't even that bad so you should probably at least watch it before assuming someones being a "bitch".