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Default Re: Help with this one please

Originally Posted by Simplycasualkids View Post
Had you read the rules you would have known about the pics. No one was being rude, just stating what it was. Your gonna need thick skin in this forum. people are nice and helpful, but the will tell it to you how it is, no sugar coating it. You will see the time and effort it takes to make a bow, and if you ever decide to start selling them, believe me $6.00 is nothing. It takes time. patience and practice.
I did read the rules, thanks though Like I said, I thought that since it has their watermark on it, which states where it is from, that it was ok to post like that. Thank you for confirming otherwise though. I appreciate that!

First, is it cheaper for me to make them then it is to buy them because I do not buy more than what is needed and I do not buy excessively. I have absolutely NO plans on selling, so thanks for making me aware of that also I believe that $6 is a good price, but to me, it is too much when I can make them for considerably less than that. Thanks though