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Default Re: OMG, how did I ever make bows without it?!?

Originally Posted by fattybombombom View Post
I wanted it to be sent to a hotel so that my hubby can pick it up during his busines trip to new york. The tracking thingy from USPS said that it has been sent..... But my poor hubby was running all over the hotel trying to locate the GATOR!! Unfortunately, at the end of the day he still could not find it!! I have send countless email to the seller... and she said she will be happy to send it back to singapore if the hotel returns them the package, with additional shipping charges.

BUT, the point is....
I have PAID MONEY to receive a GATOR...
Looks like i am NEVER GETTING ONE!!

Oh no! somethimes the same workers steal stuff.
The same securities keep lost Cameras ext..

I went on Vacations to sea world stayed in the Sheraton hotel, when we checked out i remember that i forgot my camcorder charger plugged in the outlet..I called a few hours after checking out and sopposely nothing was there! I had my husband as proof that it was left there! Well they claimed that it will be send by mail if ever found and its been 7 months still nothing, not that im still waiting for it BUt i bet they had no idea what the cord was for..

Sorry this happened!! hopefully whoever gets it or keeps it has use out of it?..They mught think its a cool gator toy?
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